Did you know that No. 6 oil will be phased out by 2015? (PDF)

Local Law 43/10 Emissions from No. 4 and No. 6 Heating Oil (PDF) is the New York City Department of Environmental Protection’s rule which phased out using No. 6 heating oil by switching to the cleanest heating fuels by July 2015. By 2030 (or when replacing boiler/burner – whichever happens sooner), buildings must convert to a fuel cleaner than No. 4.

This law will affect about 10,000 buildings in New York. According to the Heating Oil Study (PDF) research conducted by the Environmental Defense Fund, 1% of the city’s buildings cause 87% of the city’s heating oil soot pollution.

If you are still using either No. 4 or No. 6 heating oil, IGP can assist you with an “oil to natural gas” or “oil to dual fuel (No. 2 oil and natural gas)” conversion feasibility and cost analysis. Armed with facts and the final DEP heating oil rules, (PDF) you can make a decision about what is best for your building.

Our core competency is to act as your Owner’s Representative and Project Manager and manage these complex and time-consuming Fuel Conversion Projects. We assist you in finding the best contractors for the job, through a transparent, competitive bid process. Then we manage the project and collaborate with you, your property manager, Con Edison and all the contractors involved, so you can meet the important deadlines set by the utility company. We also assist you in finding financing and incentives to pay for the construction and equipment. We have managed many fuel conversion projects since 2010 and our references are available upon request.


LL43/10: We installed a rectangular stainless steel chimney liner. LL43/10: Installing new chimney liner.
LL43/10: Installing a new rectangular stainless steel chimney liner. On the left is the bottom of the chimney in the Boiler Room. On the right, the liner is hoisted up from the roof in five foot sections welded together.