Intelligreen Partners

How we save you time and money
… so you benefit from NYC’s Green Building Laws

When is your building’s LL87/09 Energy Audit & Retro-commissioning Report due?

Did you know that No. 6 oil will be illegal to heat NYC buildings in 2015?

Do you want your boiler to use dual fuel (No. 2 oil and natural gas) to have more fuel price flexibility?

Are you determined to make your building more energy efficient and save money?

Are you located in a 2016 Con Edison Area Growth Zone for natural gas?  The new deadlines for participation are:

– May 8, 2015, June 12, 2015 or July 17, 2015 for the 2016 Manhattan Area Growth Zone deadline; and

– May 8, 2015, June 12, 2015 or July 17, 2015 for the 2016 Bronx Area Growth Zone deadline.

Why use us? Please see our IntelliGreen Partners Brochure.

IntelliGreen Partners (IGP) provides green building consulting and project management services to building owners.

Intelligreen Partners is with you every step of the way to help you comply with:

  • LL84/09 Benchmarking,
  • LL87/09 Energy Audit & Retro-commissioning,
  • LL88/09 Lighting Upgrades and Sub-metering, and
  • LL43/10 Phasing Out the Use of No. 4 and No. 6 Heating Oil and connecting to new gas service

Intelligreen Partners assists you by:

  • assembling the best team of experts for your building,
  • benchmarking your building’s energy and water use to comply with LL84/09
  • providing program management (i.e. Owner’s Rep) services for the LL87/09 Energy Audit & Retro-commissioning process,
  • managing a competitive bid process for the:
    • LL87/09 energy audit,
    • LL87/09 retro-commissioning,
    • LL43/10 engineering design, and
    • LL43/09 project design and construction
    • Energy Star Certification
  • planning energy efficiency investments with the highest return,
  • capital planning,
  • budgeting,
  • financing to pay for these projects from:
    • government grants and low interest loans,
    • utility company incentives,
    • bank loans,
    • Energy Service Agreements (ESA),
    • equipment leases,
    • municipal, state and federal tax credits.
  • collaborating with your:
    • resident manager,
    • property manager,
    • facility manager and staff
    • legal, accounting and tax advisers