Case Study of a Multifamily Cooperative Building – LL87 “Early Compliance” and Gas Conversion

Property Information:

Case Study. Carnegie Hill

LL87 “Early Compliance” and Gas Conversion Project

  • Building Area: 118,008 square feet
  • Total Units: 107: 106 Residential, 1 Professional
  • Built: 1928
  • Original Heating Fuel: No. 6 oil
  • Projects: LL84/09, LL87/09, LL43/10
  • Incentive Program: NYSERDA Multifamily Carbon Emission Reduction Program


IntelliGreen Partners (“IGP”) provided energy efficiency and financial advisory consulting services; assisted in selecting each contractor, collaborated with the energy engineering green building team, the building’s property manager and operations staff, Con Edison and NYSERDA, and provided project management services to assist the Owner in complying with LL84/09 (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013); Completed LL87/09 “early compliance” and LL43/10 in 2013.

This fuel conversion project proved to be complex and time-consuming. IGP had to advocate on the Board’s behalf to obtain a positive ruling from Con Edison for additional low pressure gas service with no charge for connecting the building to the main gas line. IGP also assisted the Board to access funding from NYSERDA’s Multifamily Carbon Emission Reduction Program to help pay for the design and construction of this project. We managed this project over a two-year period; visited the site regularly with the prime contractor, and continually updated the Board with written reports to avoid any surprises.

Project Results:

plaNYC. Carbon challenge for Co-ops and condos.

NYC Carbon Challenge Handbook for Co-ops and Condos.

Period: 2010- 2013