IGP pinpoints effective green building strategies to improve tenant comfort, reduce operating costs & increase asset value. Our clients hire us to manage their complex retrofit projects because we eliminate costly delays due to miscommunication among siloed team members and assist with loans, equipment leases, structured financings, utility & tax incentives & rebates.

How we save you time and money … so you benefit from NYC’s Green Building Laws

Are you determined to make your building more energy efficient and save money? When is your building’s LL87/09 Energy Audit & Retro-commissioning Report due? Did you know that No. 6 oil has been illegal to use in NYC buildings since July 2015? Do you want to convert your boiler to dual fuel (No. 2 oil and natural gas) for more fuel price flexibility? Are you located in a Manhattan or Bronx 2018 Con Edison Area Growth Zone for natural gas?


Intelligreen Partners provides Owner’s Representative and Project Management Services for:

IGP provides financing advice so you can select the energy efficiency investments with the highest return:

  • capital planning,
  • budgeting,
  • government incentives
  • utility company incentives
  • tax credits
  • financing options to pay for these projects … LEARN MORE

Who can benefit?

  • Commercial Building Owners
  • Multifamily Building Owners
  • Industrial Building Owners
  • Co-op & Condo Boards
  • Property Managers
  • Managing Agents

Buildings That Make a Difference:

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator is part of NYC’s plan to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator offers a team of building experts who provide independent, customized technical assistance and advisory services to building owners and decision-makers at no cost to help accelerate the process for energy and water efficiency upgrades.

The IGP team has been selected as Efficiency Advisors in the Retrofit Accelerator, a one-stop free resource to help building owners reduce their operating costs, increase the value of their assets, and improve occupant comfort. LEARN MORE …

Case Study of a Mixed-use Building LL87/09 and Energy Efficiency Retrofit

IGP assisted the owner of a 1905 mixed-use rental building (commercial, retail and multifamily) to “comply early” with LL87/09 and to implement a successful energy efficiency retrofit of its entire heating distribution system, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption and improving tenant comfort.  LEARN MORE

Case Study of a Multifamily Cooperative Building LL87/09 and Gas Conversion

IGP assisted the Board of this Upper East Side cooperative to significantly improve the tenant comfort and energy efficiency of this 1929 building. LEARN MORE Founded in 2009 by Valerie Corbett, IGP is a Certified Women-owned Business (WBE), that specializes in energy efficiency consulting, project management services and building compliance for NYC’s Green Building Laws.


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We can educate your organization's members and employees on how compliance with NYC's Green Building Laws will improve the energy and water efficiency of NYC's largest buildings.

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We assist commercial and multi-family buildings to comply with NYC's Green Building Laws so you meet important deadlines. LEARN MORE ...

IGP provides green building consulting, finance and project management services. We manage all aspects of your building's compliance with New York City's Green Building Laws, including benchmarking, energy audit and retro-commissioning, fuel conversions, energy efficiency retrofits and financing. Our expertise saves you time and money, so you benefit immediately.